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Thermal Insulation
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When you need to keep heat in its place, we are the answer. We offer solutions for providing thermal protection and bundling of wire harnesses & hoses; sealing of high temperature enclosures in consumer, commercial and industrial markets; EMI/RFI protection including sensitive electronic circuits; and the premier provider of oven seals for cooking appliances around the world.

We custom design a multitude of knitted and braided products, coated and uncoated. In its quest for both outstanding product quality and delivery, we offer solutions that have earned and re-earned a multitude of customer awards, including:

  • General Electric Company's “Top 5 Supplier Award” (multiple awards)
  • Frigidaire Company's "Certified Supplier Award” (multiple awards)
  • Maytag Corporation's “Dependable Supplier Award” (multiple awards)
  • Whirlpool Corporation’s “Supplier Performance Award” (multiple awards)
  • Maytag/Magic Chef "Cooperation and Timely Service Award
  • WCI's Vendor of the Year Award

Products such as