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Thermal Claddings

Thermal Claddings

Processaids offers surface technology that specializes in the application of high velocity (HVCC) thermal spray claddings. HVCC cladding applications prevent wear and corrosion of plant process equipment and components. We distinguish ourselves by using proven cladding materials and advanced application methods.

We understand your operational and maintenance challenges when high temperature process conditions result in erosion, wear or corrosion. We help to analyze operating environments and provide specifications of cladding materials. Partnering with you, our application solutions focus on your production schedule and project completion during critical path downtime. Our ability to plan, mobilize and complete the job on time and on budget is what we strive to acheive.

On the field or in shop, full time certified technicians perform cladding applications. Our project managers ensure compliance with OSHA safety standards, and are your onsite liaison for our quality assurance program.

Unplanned outages and downtime costs millions of rupees. Thermal claddings can be your justified alternative to more expensive options.