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Surface Engineering Solutions

Surface Engineering Solutions
Processaids offers various Surface Engineering Solutions to effectively combat erosion, corrosion and various other wear factors. These are cost-effective and save on down time and labour.

Surface Engineering Solutions are already being used effectively in the automotive, aerospace, missile, defense, railways, power, electronic, biomedical, textile, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, steel, power, cement, machine tools, construction industries etc. Surface Engineering Solutions can be used to develop a wide range of functional properties including physical, chemical, electrical, electronic, magnetic, mechanical, wear-resistant, erosion-resistant and corrosion-resistant properties at the required substrate surfaces. Almost all types of metal, ceramics, polymers and composites can be coated on similar or dissimilar materials.

Processaids offers the following Surface Engineering Solutions
100% Solid Epoxy

100 % Solid, Zero VOC, Solvent Free Epoxy Coatings for structures, internal linings and floorings.Solvent Free

Industrial Sprays

Repair and maintenance sprays such as Multi-purpose lubricants, Anti-Seize agents, Dewatering and Corrosion-Resistance coatings, Electronics and Electrical Care sprays, Special Greases, Skin Care etc

Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings, energy savings, high temperature leak-resistance, insulation, fire protection and low friction.

Thermal Claddings

Thermal Claddings, Aluminized and Zinc Coatings

Application of high velocity continuous combustion thermal spray claddings on boiler tubes and Aluminized spraying or Zinc coating on chimney, jetty and other such mechanical and civil structures for prevention of erosion and corrosion.

Pipeline Reinforcement

Pipeline Reinforcement

Used across Oil & Gas Distribution, Oil & Gas Transmission, Refining and Petrochemicals, Civil, Marine, Industrial and Urban and Rural municipalities, pipeline repair and reinforcements provide innovative composite repair solutions.


Anti-Skid Tapes, Tiles and Coatings

Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-skid products also draw visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

Lubrication Bars

Lubrication Bars

Easy Bar is a patented formula of premium grade lubricants encased within a solid organic carrying agent. Perfect for Cement, Lime, Minerals, Paper & Pulp and chemical industries.