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StrongHand Tools
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StrongHand Tools (Welding Tools)

At Processaids, we strive to save your valuable time in setups for welding, joining, and cutting processes. Our research is ongoing, and driven largely by customer demand. We start with the tools that craftsmen are familiar with; Magnet Squares, C-Clamps, Steel Clamps, F & G Clamps, Welders Angle Clamps, Pliers and Locking C-Clamps. Then we study the tool to determine how to make it work faster, and be more versatile. Because when a tool works faster, you save time, and therefore money, and when a tool is versatile, you save time and money by using fewer tools.

And the best part about StrongHand Tools? They are sensibly priced, so they always fit your budget, or your company’s budget. You don’t have to pay a high price to have the most innovative, fast-acting tools in the industry. We have a novel concept when it comes to clamping, use hand tools that actually help you get to the welding, joining, or cutting you need to do, instead of spending your valuable time on the fit-up. After all, the fit-up is the preparation, it shouldn’t have to be a project all by itself. Save time and money by converting to the Strong Hand way of clamping. Here are the various ways we’ve adapted, and improved, the tools you rely on in the workplace and at home.