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ROLLWELL consumables are available in Open Arc (OA) and Submerged arc (SA) process. Wires are designed to work with specific type of fluxes. Fluxes are available in drum pack or in bags with controlled grain sizes.

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A range of properties can be obtained, depending upon the composition of the weld deposit and the subsequent heat treatment procedure. Compositions are restricted by metallurgical factors affecting both hot and cold cracking. Weld process can be selected on roll material, deposition rate and cost of product. Some of features of ROLLWELL products are

  • Elevated temperature oxidation resistance.
  • Resistance to localized pitting and crevice corrosion.
  • Maximum resistance to stress corrosion
  • Maximum resistance to stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue.
  • Maximum tempering resistance to prevent softening during service.
  • Resistance to thermal and thermo mechanical fatigue.
  • High thermal conductivity.
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • High hardness and resistance to abrasive and adhesive wear.
  • High strength and toughness, good weld ability, reasonably priced.


  • New generation technology
  • Consistency in roll performance.
  • Back up of company involved heavily with steel industry application
  • R & D setup.
  • Heat treatment knowledge & Design of furnaces


  • Heavy duty machine.
  • Multi process : open arc – Single or twin wire
  • Single or twin Welding torch
  • Suitable for welding / cladding of rolls
  • Head stocks & tails stock length can be adjusted as per roll length
  • One/Two rolls can be welded together.
  • Electronic Controller.
  • Each parameter changeable during welding
  • Constant welding speed for complex work pieces.
  • Permanent automatic adjustment of set welding and movement parameters
  • Fully programmable for welding parameters ad machine functions
  • Highly customizable via the extensive list of options available
  • Highly versatile : can be fitted into almost any working environment.
  • Meets all safety standards for use inside metallic structures.

Standard wire diameters: 2.40 mm, 2.80 mm, 3.20 mm - Supplied in 12.5 Kgs/15.0 Kgs layer wound vacuume packed plastic spool or in 125 Kgs/ 250 Kgs corrugated drums. Also available in 1.20 mm / 1.60 mm / 2.00 mm diameter and in other type of packaging on request.

This list of products is not a limiting list. Please do not hesitate to contat us for other available products.

Product Composition Hardness Description Applications
RW-42 C - 0.061 Mn- 1.34 Si - 0.560 Cr - 17.85 HRC 44 RW-42 Weld deposit produces a ferritic-martensitic stainless steel weld metal. The presence of Nickel and Molybdenum along with low carbon results in enhanced ductility, The following precaution recommended during use-Removal of fatigue zones, Preheating and maintaining the temperature during welding, peening of each layer and slow cooling after welding ensures uniform hardness. The weld metal is suitable for welding of AISI type 410,414 stainless steels, repair welding of ASTM CA-6 NM casting, rebuilding of stainless steel rolls of matching composition and areas where good resistance to abrasive wear along with corrosion properties are desired. Also used for continuous castor Roll cladding in steel mill such as moc – 13 CrMo 4.4, 16 CrMo 4.4,21 CrMoV 5.11, 42 CrMo 4
RW-45 C - 0.025 Cr - 14.00 Mn - 1.20 Ni - 1.00 HRC 50 RW-45 Weld metal deposit resists scaling upto 800oC in oxidizing atmosphere free from sulfur, ammonia and hydrogen and also possesses excellent H2S stress corrosion cracking resistance than austenitic stainless steel. The weld deposits are machinable with highly resistance to solidification cracking and porosity formation Surfacing of continuous casting rolls and similar applications in steel plants, conveyor screws, valves and valve seats, steam and gas turbine components and for machine parts subject to corrosive environment or elevated temperature service.
RW-47 C - 0.1 Mn - 1.0 Cr - 13.00 (Other Si,Mo,Ni,Nb,Cu,V upto 6%) HRC 47 RW-47 has good resistance to thermal fatigue and corrosion with good wear properties. Especially suitable for manufacture to new Roller with 2nd layer. All continuous casting Roll like Center cooled Roller, water cool roller jacket roller etc.
RW-48 C - 0.066 Mn - 1.08 Cr – 15.92 (Other Si,Mo,Ni,Ti,V upto 5%) HRC 45 RW-48 is a tabular wire for open arc welding with high deposit of chromium steel alloy for hot wear application. High deposition rate. used on some types of continuous casting machine rolls.
RW-49 C - 0.352 Mn - 1.65 Cr – 7.33 (Other Si,Mo,W,Ti, upto 4%) HRC 52 RW-49 deposits chrome-tungsten-molybdenum that combines resistance to cracking, abrasion, impact Thermal shock and compressive loading multiple layers. deposit up to ¾” Can be made on rolls using proper procedures. Structure is mainly martensitic. General hot and cold applications, blooming, slabbing mill rolls, scale breaker rolls and auxiliary rolls.
RW-150 C - 0.04 Mn - 1.0 Cr – 4.5 (Other Si,Mo,Nb upto 4.5%) HRC 32 RW-150 is a high alloy which enables steel with 1.4% carbon to be welded successfully. used on some types of continuous casting machine rolls.
RW-170 C - 0.3 Mn - 1.0 Cr – 5.0 (Other Si,Mo,Cu upto 4.5%) HRC 38 RW-170 Good wear and thermal fatigue properties. Back-up rolls, pinch rolls.
RW-180 C - 0.03 Mn – 0.75 Cr – 13.0 (Other Si,Mo,Cu upto 4.5%) HRC 42 RW-180 gives good bead finishing and smooth surface after machining. It has Good resistance to thermal fatigue and corrosion with good wear properties. Used on some types of continuous casting machine rolls.
RW-200 C - 0.12 Mn – 1.0 Cr – 12.0 (Other Si, upto 4.5%) HRC 40 RW-200 good resistance to thermal fatigue and corrosion with good wear properties. Continuous casting machine rolls.
RW-300 C - 0.1 Mn – 1.0 Cr – 12.5 (Other Si,Ni,Mo,Cu upto 4.5%) HRC 39 RW-300 It gives good toughness properties. It gives moderate tensile strength. It has Very Good resistance to thermal fatigue and corrosion with good wear properties. All Continuous casting machine rolls.
RW-400 C - 0.7 Mn – 1.5 Cr – 5.0 (Other Si,Ni,Mo,Nb upto 6%) HRC 34 RW-400 has improve resistance to abrasion when compared with RW-300 OA, with excellent thermal fatigue properties. Equivalent wear properties as double poured and differentially hardened cast steels. Blooming, Slabbing mill rolls, early roughing stands, HSM slabbing mill rolls, tube mill elongator roll, bronx reeler rolls, plate mill leveler and back-up rolls.
RW-500 C - 0.08 Mn – 1.0 Cr – 9.0 (Other Si,Ni,Mo upto 3.5%) HRC 41 RW-500 has good resistance to thermal fatigue and corrosion with wear properties. Continuous casting machine rolls.
RW-800 C - 0.1 Mn – 1.0 Cr – 0.1 (Other Si,Ni,Mo upto 1.5%) - RW-800 has improved resistance to wear when compared to RW-500 but with the same benefits of corrosion and thermal fatigue resistance. Pinch rolls, hot strip mill table rolls, some continuous billet & continuous casting rolls.
RW-900 C - 0.25 Mn – 1.0 Cr – 12.0 (Other Si,V,Mo upto 1.5%) HRC 42 RW-900 weld material has a level of Molybdenum for improved toughness. Buffer material between incompatible roll and hardfacing materials.