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Special Welding Equipments

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It is light, handy and easy to use. The electronics of the machine is totally shielded with mu-metal therefore WRT-Portaplas is fully compatible flame and plasma cutter. This shielding protecting the sensitive electronics part from the high frequency electromagnetic radiations induced by any plasma cutter. WRT-Portaplas is specially designed for the plasma  cutting. Additionally, it has the new extendable rail design.

It can cut any complex plane figures as the large sized gantry CNC cutting machine and support both flame torch and plasma cutter. It is affordable for all enterprises and workshops. The compact design and rational structure make it lightweight, small size and easy to move. It is usable both indoors and outdoors.

The integration of Fast Cam cutting software makes drawing, nesting and cutting simple and efficient. The software provides high percentage of material utilization & optimization.
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The heavy duty motor with 4 rolled drives in the gear box, guarantees the smooth transportation of the flux cored wires. Wires ranging from diameter 1.6 and larger are adjustable. The wire feed rate is adjustable upto 25 m/min. The system comes equipped with a protective gas attachment, settings for continuous or intermittent welding and a wire burn-back device. The equipment comes with the Universal Euro-plug attachment which enables all type of torches to be used with the separate water / air cooling device which can be available as per requirement. The units equipped with the hub assembly for wire spools which is adjustable for spools of various diameters.
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Spray Fuse Torch a uniquely engineered powder spraying oxyacetylene torch, used for protecting critical parts against abrasion/corrosion, repairing cast-iron and most ferrous metals, few non-ferrous metals, re-storing undersized parts, and/or adding the abrasion resistance of tungsten carbide to a fast-wearing surface.
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Rollclad is an automatic system desinged for steel mill roll cladding. The system can work in both open arc or submerged arc mode. Processaids offers roll cladding consumable and technology for cladding.

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Movable Portable Welder and Borer(MPWB)

MPWB bore repair packages is unique, flexible and necessary tool for maintenance engineers. The bore welder and boring bar feature the popular, mount anywhere pass-through drive systems. On bores where there may be restricted access, or bores that are spaced far apart, the pass-through drive design gives you the flexibility to mount where it makes the most sense, such as between the bores. Watch a demonstration here. For further information please visit here.
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HFSP systems  are used for in-situ
rebuilding of roller press roll, vertical mill roller and table liners. The system has now been well tested and proven. The silent features are as under.

  • Very fast deposition - Upto 200 kgs. of deposition is possible with single torch per day.
  • Fast turnaround: The system to be assembled and starting welding takes less then 6 hours.
  • The system is totally automated with indexing, oscillation and X-Y-Z axis movements.