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Pipeline Reinforcement

Pipeline Reinforcement

Processaids has been engaged in providing solutions of pre-impregnated composites that restore and provide protection and reinforcement to pipes, pipelines, and civil structures. These products are used internationally and serve a broad range of markets including: oil and gas, industrial, marine, municipalities, mining, construction, and utilities.

Processaids offers solutions of moisture-curable composites for the retrofit and reinforcing of defects and anomalies in pipelines as well as civil structures. Processaids provides the perfect solutions for in-service repairs, allowing its clients to continue operations in a quick and reliable manner. Clients save millions in costs, as well as in lost revenues, by enabling them to repair and reinforce to original design specification out in the field.

Product solution systems include both carbon fiber as well as fiberglass and aramid composite reinforcing systems. Offering a wide variety of products ensures that Processaids is providing the necessary tools for structural reinforcement and pipeline repair with cutting-edge composite solutions.