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Lubrication Management and Oil Testing

Lubrication Management & Oil Testing

Lubrication Management & Oil Testing


We are pleased to join hands with Global Technical Services, Mumbai, the pioneers in Total Lubrication Management in India, and providing services to several major industries in India and other countries.

As a part of our efforts to serve the industry for improved maintenance of plant equipment, we have now diversified into lubricant management and oil testing. We have set up a modern laboratory for testing of lubricants, at Vasai near Mumbai. This laboratory facility boasts of several “state of art” test equipments, which are capable of evaluating accurately the condition of the oil and the equipments. A few of them are

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) {trace elemental analysis, additive depletion and contaminants} – [ ALARM LIMITS TO BE REPORTED].
  • Entire range for physico-chemical characteristics, such as Viscosity @ 40oC, 100oC and Viscosity Index; Total Acid Number (TAN); Total Base Number (TBN); Water Content (ppm) by Karl Fischer
  • High Speed Centrifuge for Hexane & Pentane Insolouble.
  • LaserNet Fines (for particle shape classifier, particle count, and optical particle analysis)
  • Particle Counter as per ISO-4406-1999 or NAS-1638
  • Analytical Ferrography instruments for establishing Wear Debris Analysis and wear elemental analysis

We have a specialized LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), where a customer can login and not only look at the test results, but also obtain the comments and opinion of lubrication experts about the test results. We are also in the process of achieving ISO / IEC 17025 – 2005 laboratory accreditation, which is considered to be an international hallmark for any independent laboratory.

For Test Details and Test Methods, please refer below.

Viscosity at 40 & 100 degrees centigrade Cst ASTM D-445-446
Viscosity Index - ASTM D-2270
Dean & Stalk for water content/ Karl Fischer Percentage or PPM ASTM D-95
Total Acid Number Mg / KoH Mod ASTM D-664
Total Base Number Mg / KoH Mod ASTM D-4739
Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Apparatus Degree Centigrade AST, D-92
Laser Particle Counter (oil cleanliness) Microns /NAS ISO 4406 / NAS 1638
Particle size and shape characteristics analyser - Wear Debris Analysis Morphology Manufacturer - Laser Net Fines (Spectro)
Direct Read / Analytical Ferrography - Wear Debris Analysis Morphology, Microns, Wear Particle Concentration Manufacturer - Predict
Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) - Elemental Analysis for contamination, Wear Particles Analysis, machine condition monitoring and and oil/grease additive depletion indicating oil's useful life Parts Per Million (PPM), can go upto (PPB) Mod ASTM D-5185
Oxidation, Nitration, Fuel Dilution %, Fuel Soot, Water % estimate Absorbance - Percentage Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) ASTM E-2412
Appearance / Colour Indicative - Visual ASTM D-1500

Our business philosophy is Quick, Accurate and Reliable Test Reporting. To ensure Speed, all oil samples received at Vasai Laboratory will be tested within approx. 36 hours of receipt and test results posted on the LIMS and/or forwarded to the customer by e-mail.

By the use of bar-coded labels and automation in oil testing laboratory setup, we shall ensure the Reliability of the test results. In order to ensure Accuracy, we follow international test procedures strictly.

In order to understand the role of lubricants in machine and machine maintenance, we must appreciate that “Lubricant in a machine is like blood in the human body”. Analysis of your machine’s oil enables Pro-active Maintenance. Oil analysis makes it possible to perform the condition monitoring of the machine and the oil. By early detection of the condition of the machine, it is possible to prevent costly equipment failures and achieve improvement in your Machinery Health Management.

Oil testing shall yield the following benefits:

  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance
  • Reduce loss of production

All above factors will lead to improvement in life of equipment, life of lubricants, energy conservation (7 to 10%) and ultimately “productivity” to your organisation.

Equipment Replacement cost Rs.2.0 crores
Lost Production cost Rs.25.0 lacs per day
Oil Testing cost Just a fractional cost (say Rs.7,000/- per sample)

We trust you shall appreciate the value of Machine Condition Monitoring by regularly testing oils and lubricants. This shall go a long way to reduce your manufacturing cost and improve machinery health.