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Lubrication Bars

Rotary Kiln Tire Bore Lubricant

Perfect for Cement, Lime, Pulp & Paper, Mineral and Chemical Industries

Easy Bar® is utilized by all major kiln manufacturers including
Polysius, Humbolt Wedag, Metso, Andritz, Fuller FLS

Easy Bar® is a patented formula of premium grade lubricants encased within a solid organic carrying agent. When placed between the tire and the kiln shell, the carrying agent melts and releases the lubricants. The rotation of the kiln distributes the lubricants over the filler bars and inside the tire bore.

  • Easy to Apply! Installs in ONE kiln revolution thus increasing employee productivity.

  • Quick & Simple! No mixing or preparation time is wasted unlike antiquated water and graphite methods.

  • Extend Wear Pad Life by 50%! Protects and enhances the wear pad life while eliminating breakage of filler bar weld.

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs! Easy Bar minimizes the costly wear that results from scoring of the inside bore of riding ring.

  • Highest Graphite Content Equals Fewer Applications! Our Easy Bars have the highest graphite content versus any other tire bore lubricant. Higher quality Easy Bars mean few applications needed per week versus other methods.

  • Environmentally Safe! Easy Bar completely evaporates leaving no residue, waste or harmful chemicals.

  • Over 15 Years of Proven Field-Performance.  Beware of imitations.  Make sure your lube bars say "Easy Bar Kiln Tire Lube" for optimal performance.