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Knife Gate Valves

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4S - V336L Knife Gate Valves

The Sharp Solution to Heavy Fluid Shutoff Problems

Sludges, slurries, powders. Problem fluids that challenge today’s pulp and paper, chemical, textile and sewage plants.

FOURESS meets this challenge, by refining the Knife Gate Valves. A precision-buffed knife plate cuts even the heaviest Sludges, sharply and without erosion. One-piece trim provides corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-performance shutoff over a long service life. FOURESS’s compact, lightweight Knife Gate Valves have been handling the industry’s problem fluids dependably for over 30 years.

Perhaps It’s time they handled yours…..


FOURESS has refined the time-proven Knife Gate Design

  • Non-corrosive stainless steel body
  • Precision-buffed stainless steel knife plate
    The stainless steel knife plate is precision-buffed for leaktight shutoff. Its knife-like edge cuts off and shuts off even heavy or high-viscosity fluids.
  • A choice of three different seat rings
    In addition to the standard stainless steel seat ring, rubber and Teflon® seat rings are available as options. Choose the one best for your fluid control requirements.
  • Plane valve seat to resist build-up
    The plane surface of the valve seat has no recesses to harbour heavy fluid deposits that could build up and swamp the valve.


Material of Construction

Model V336D Flange Test Pressure Material Seat Ring Max. Operating pressure Max. Operating temp. Rate of leak at seat*
Body Seat* Body Inner body W.T.P 2.8kgf

50-600mm 2-24in

Standard BS-4504, 10/11 10kgf/Cm2 W.T.P 11 kgf/Cm2 W.T.P 2.8 kgf/Cm2 Cast Iron 304 SS 304 SS 10Kgf/Cm2 230ºC 40 cc/min/in.
Option 5kgf/Cm2 10kgf/Cm2 ANSI 125 lb 150 lb Others 316 SS 230ºC 40 cc/min/in.
316 SS NBR EPDM 80ºC
0 cc/min/in.
Others Teflon   4 cc/min/in.

Flow Characteristic Curve: