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Cutting, Gouging & Piercing Systems

Processaids offers the world's most advanced and widely used equipment for cutting, gouging and piercing - PRIME CUT.

PRIME CUT is manufactured by Broco, Inc.®, the world leader in exothermic cutting and underwater welding systems. Prime Cut sets the world standard in high-performance cutting and welding solutions including exothermic cutting and torch systems, arc gouging carbon electrodes and portable MIG welding with GOWELD. Prime Cut equipments are used professionals world wide to cut, pierce and gouge almost any ferrous and non ferrous material including concrete.

Processaids serves welding and cutting professionals engaged in industrial maintenance and repair operations on land and underwater. Prime Cut is also offered and specifically engineered for first responder, military, and tactical breaching and forced-entry operations including rescue missions.

PRIME CUT is now considered an integral part of all repair and maintenance kits the world over and has been specially designed for rugged use in adverse environments.

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