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Company Profile

For over 30 years Processaids has focused its strategic initiatives on the development of state-of-the-art repair and reinforcement technologies that withstand the tests of time.

Since its founding in 1981, Processaids has been engaged in the development of various modern maintenance technologies which provide time effective and cost efficient solutions for the repair and maintenance of mechanical, electrical, civil and a host of other equipments and structures. Our products service a broad range of markets such as Engineering, Minerals, Cement, Steel, Power, Chemicals, Oil, Gas, Refineries, Fertilizers, Mining, Ports, Shipping, Marine, Utilities, Transport, Logistics etc.

Processaids is now considered the leading solutions provider for remedial repairs of defects and anomalies in mechanical, electrical, civil and various other structures and equipments. Traditional and expensive methods for repair included shutting down production and replacing defective machinery or structures which proved to be costly and time consuming. With new technologies, companies are now able to run their plants in operating conditions and are also able to protect their machinery, equipments and structures, from the jeopardy of a catastrophic failure due to erosion, corrosion, lubrication, etc.  Processaids, after a detailed study of the problem, provides an appropriate solution, which permits continual operations while providing remedial services. The client saves millions in costs, as well as in lost revenues by not having to shut down their running manufacturing facilities.

Further the skills, know-how and resources have helped us offer a wide range of world class products for diverse applications in a cost effective way. Processaids is associated with various well known and reputed principals to service the maintenance and supply needs of various industries.