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Cobra Torches
Download BrochureA Major Breakthrough in Welding Technology !    

The unique design of the DHC 2000 pistol grip welder enables high-strenght welding and cutting of virtually any metal, even difficult materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, with only limited operator experience and training.

DHC 2000 also enhances welding capabilities of ordinary materials.  For example, you can weld and cut the thinnest sheet metals with little or no distortion.

A "soft" concentrated flame improves control

The combination of a low velocity flame and concentrated heat deliver a new level of welding control and versitility.  Since the DHC 2000 operates with a flame velocity up to four times lower than a conventional torch, it prevents the molten weld puddle from "blowing out," enabling welding of difficult materials such as aluminum.

What's more, the low velocity gas flow produces and intense, narrow flame that concentrates heat on a much smaller area of metal for faster welding, smaller weld beads, and reduced heat damage.

Welds and cuts most materials

The extremely high combustion efficiency of the DHC 2000's flame leaves virtually no unburnt oxygen in the secondary flame surrounding the weld area.  This shields the weld puddle from oxygen contamination, allowing difficult meterials to be welded easily.

Independant tests on aluminum and stainless steel verify weld strength equal to Tig welds.  The low oxygen content of the secondary flame also minimizes the need for flux.  In fact, many operations require no flux at all.  As a result, weld operation and post weld cleaning requirements are minimal.

Torch Kits

Kit includes:
  • Torch Gun
  • Tips: Cutting, #0 #1 #2 #3 #0.5
  • Tip Cleaner
  • Wrench
  • Check Valves
  • Over Cutter attachment
  • Under Cutter attachment
  • Instruction Manual
  • Instructional DVD
Kit includes:
  • Standard Kit
  • + Pro Master Pac
    • Air Acetylene Tip
    • Curved Extension
    • Straight Extension
    • Tips: #00 #1.5 #2.5

Torch Accessories

DHC 2000 / Henrob 2000 / Dillon parts and Accessories are all interchangable

Rose Bud Tip:
NEW!!! Rose Bud Heating Tip (on the torch) # 0 # 0.5
# 1 # 2 # 3 Copper Cutting
Cutting Attachments
Undercutter (on the torch) Overcutter (on the Torch) Wrench Tip Cleaner
Check Valves

Welding Eyewear

Cobalt Blue welding glasses (comes with a neck cord) (NEW!!!) Protection Mask with Cobalt Blue welding lens
  Welding goggles with cobalt blue lens
Cobalt blue replacement lens