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Welding Automation
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Welding Automation

CARPANO manufactures a wide range of high technology power sources devoted to the automation and robotic market. Such range includes “HQC” (High Quality Cut) plasma cutting power sources suitable for CNC pantographs, MIG/MAG welding power sources with pulsed and double pulsed arc, TIG welding power sources, also with “cold wire” system, as well as Plasma Welding Consoles, all ready for connection to robots. CARPANO equipment manufactures servomechanisms, fittings, control systems and complete facilities for welding and cutting process automation. The production is divided into the following macro-categories:

  • Portable automation an interesting range of motorised carriages, with or without track, to easily weld directly on the piece, in the workshop or onsite
  • servomechanisms and fittings to complete an already existing facility, such as: Seam Trackers, AVC, cold wire feeders, oscillators, cameras, manual or motorised slides
  • Cartesian axes as manipulators, beams or portals of our Al Power or I Power series
  • Joda rotating tables, more and more capacious and complete
  • The new OBY roller positioners
  • The complete facilities, which are very often the sum of the various products, but are more and more often integrated by numeric control panels or industrial PCs.