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Butterfly Valves

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Kvaerner Boving of U.K. (erstwhile)

Size Range


100 mm to 4000 mm

Design Standard


Bs 5155; Awwa C504; JISB 2064; ISO 16; IS 13095



Eccentric, Single, Double & Triple Eccentric

End Connection


Wafer, Lug-wafer, U-Wafer & Flange



Manual/Electric/Pneumatic & Electro Hydraulic

Material of Construction


Construction : Body & Disc - Cast Iron; Ductile



Iron; Austenitic Cast Iron; Carbon Steel Casting;
Wieldable Structural Steel; Cast St. St; Ni-Resist
Cast Iron; Also in Ebonite/FRP/Rubber Lined/Bronze
Nbr/Epdm/Viton/Metal to Metal

1350 mm Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve to MWH, California (USA)

1500 mm Metal to Metal seated Butterfly Valve to BWSSB Bangalore

1600 mm Butt-weld Butterfly Valve to NTPC, Vindhyashal TPS

  • Fouress-Boving Butterfly Valves are mechanically superior, structurally sound, of fool proof design, easy to operate and totally reliable.
  • A streamlined disc profile provides smooth flow and ensures low pressure drop. Disc designed for strength and deflection eliminates possibility of flutter.
  • Single piece inset replaceable seals in resilient rubber. This in conjunction with SS seat ring, provides drop tight sealing. Seat ring is di-electrically insulated from the body to resist galvanic corrosion.
  • Static shaft seal in ‘O’ ring/ SCN ring construction.
  • Clamping ring is segmental form or in one piece. Segments facilitate uniform seal seating and local repair.
  • Thrust pad allows vertical shaft orientation. It also acts as centralizing device for shaft disc assembly.
  • Drive shafts generously designed for transmitting maximum operating output.
  • Self lubricating bearings capable of withstanding hydrostatic disc load and designed specially for edge loading characteristics.
  • Designed in such a way that the valve is suitable for both horizontal as well as vertical installation.
  • Specifically designed ebonite lined valve for sea water application, which is the most economical reliable option for such difficult duties. Rubber lined or FRP lined options are also available to handle corrosive applications.
  • Stainless steel cladded valve as an alternative to fully stainless steel valve. Besides providing substantial saving on the basic cost of the valve, this fully retains the advantage of a complete stainless steel valve.
  • Special Self energizing sealing system to handle varying pressure conditions.
  • Unique dual seal arrangement available on request for critical application such as penstock protection, turbine inlet isolation, pump discharge etc. Dual seal arrangements disc., incorporates an inflatable hose design to ensure on-load seal replacement.
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Additional Features

  • Dual Speed controlled closing time, achieved by use of throttle valves and adjustable damping in the cylinders. It is possible to achieve optimum valve closing characteristics and eliminate the possibility of pipeline surges. Fig. 1 shows a typical graph of % closure versus time.
  • Independent opening time controlled by a throttle valve.
  • Choice of control options – Local Control / Remote Control / Auto Control by linking to main pump circuitry with local and remote valve position indication by lamps, in addition to mechanical position indication valve.
  • ‘Crack Open’ facility for priming downstream pipe work.
    The valves are very efficient, having a very low head-loss characteristic. This is a big saving when compared against head-loss of the traditional separate isolating and non-return valve arrangement. With the cost of energy effectively doubling every five years or so, the savings achieved over the life of the installation can be considerable. 

Shell Blades

Popularly used in low to medium pressure services.
Head loss co-efficient is 0.13

Strength on this blade is higher that the slab type due to contained deflection. Used for high pressure at the expense of greater operating torque and higher head loss co-efficient of the order of 0.15.

Similar to Spherical, except that the trunnion side is shaped in the form of a cone. The head loss co-efficient is 0.18. Used for high pressure application and as auto close valves.

Used for high pressure application with very low head loss co-efficient (0.08-0.09)used in Turbine inlet valves , Penstock valves and Pump inlet valves and Pump inlet valves where low disturbance to flow is essential. 

Seal Design

Flat Round Nose seal 

Standard Resilient seal for general purpose duties.
 Innovative Dual Seal System

inflatable hose type service seal to facilitate maintenance of main-seal on load.
 Hose Seal 

An inflatable seal for either internal or external Inflation.
Metal to Metal Seal

For use with temperatures and line fluids which preclude the use of resilient seals.
 Music Note Seal 

Resilient seal for higher pressures and where severe duties are likely to be encountered. 
 Self Energizing Seal

Works effectively under varying pressure conditions.
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 Two types of manual operators are offered - Worm and worm wheel type and traveling nut type. Gear boxes are offered in weather-proof enclosures, grease-packed for life. Operators are suitable for all manual and chain wheel operations. End stops are provided to ensure open and shut positions.

PNEUMATIC: Recommended for fast operation if air supply is available. Fail-safe arrangements possible, with the help of air accumulator. Can also be provided with manual override with the help of de-clutching mechanism. This is the most economical form of operator.

HYDRAULIC: Used where high actuating forces and variable operating time are required. Two kinds of Operators are available Single acting and Double acting. Fail- safety arrangements can also be provided. Recommended specially for pump discharge valves with dead weight to ensure emergency closure on flow reversal or cessation.

ELECTRICAL : Recommended where frequent and remote operations are called for. Normally used in conjunction with manual operators. Includes automatic start/stop and remote position indicators. Additional limit switches for remote control duty could also be provided; Auto / Manual operation, in case of power failure.

Manually Operated Valve Electrically Operated Valve
Pneumatically Operated Valve Hydraulically Operated Valve
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Valve Accessories

COUNTER FLANGE & FASTENERS : Recommended for mounting of meters, valves , fitting, pumps , for easy dismantling , for maintenance. Allows for lateral expansion and contraction and also angular displacement upto 3°. Flange adaptors are offered in malleable cast iron or steel depending upon the size with appropriate rubber or polymer joint ring. Fouress flange adaptors are available in size range of 300 mm to 2500 mm and pressure rating upto 25 Kg/Cm².

PIPE COUPLINGS : These are used for connecting two pipelines of almost any size for catering to thermal expansion, misalignments and for negotiating pipe bends. Couplings are capable of taking an angular deflection upto 6° and lateral displacement upto 15mm. These pipe couplings are manufactured to suit plain ended pipes of steel and cast iron. Fouress pipe coupling are available in both Metric as well as imperial sizes and are manufactured from malleable cast iron or steel depending upon the size. Rubber rings are provided in suitable composition for various temperatures and corrosion conditions. Pipe coupling could be offered upto 2500 mm size and pressure rating upto 25 Kg/Cm².

Butterfly Valves for Various Duties

FOR CONTROL DUTY : Fouress BV 895 Eccentric Disc Butterfly type control valve body assemblies are flangeless construction that use a bi-directional nitrile / viton seals or of metal seated construction . Valves are suitable for low pressure liquids, steam or gas service and installations where large volumes approaching full line capacity must be handled with low pressure drop. The action of the eccentrically mounted disc minimizes the moving contact of the seal with the seat ring to reduce seal wear and seating torque requirements. Full closure is at 90º to the body axis in both cases.

The valves are offered with pneumatic spring return diaphragm actuator in compact yokeless design. Change of action from air-to-close to air- to –open or the reverse is effected by adjustment of the linkage between actuators stem and valve disc shaft, using the same actuator. Also available is our range A36A double acting positioning or on / off actuator. For control duty , butterfly valves can be offered with positioner, air set, position transmitter, solenoid valve, limit switches ., with all accessories mounted on the valve body itself.

End Connection


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4S-V515A Compact Seal Butterfly Valve

Compact Seal Butterfly Valve excels over other conventional valves such as gate valve and globe valve in all aspects, especially in terms of light weight (1/3 -1/5 of conventional valves), less number of component parts, no flange gaskets required and economical operation and maintenance costs.

The valve seats are constructed by a strong replaceable synthetic rubber, Fouress own seating mechanism of pressure-touch system offer a very low torque, tight shut-off with Ni leakage, compact actuator selection and long service life. Typically application of this valves are in pump rooms of large air-conditioning plants, as well as cooling towers; at heat exchanger inlet/ outlet, as a control butterfly valve; in ships, for engine room cooling water, ballast control; for smoke discharge and desulphurization in power plants or in denigration plants; in paper and pulp industry, oil refineries, steel and fertilizer plants; in sewage treatment plants; for water supply schemes; in air and gas lines etc. 


APPLICABLE FLANGES BS: 4504 PN 10, ANSI 125ib/150lb
SERVICE TEMPERATURE NBR (-10°C to +80°C), EPDM (-20°C to 120°C)
HYDROSTATIC TEST Shell test at 20 Kg/Cm2; Seat at 12 Kg/Cm2
A 126 CI.B /IS 210 Gr.FG 260;Seal (NBR, EPDM)
DISC (BS 2789 Gr.500/7/ASTM 
A 536 Gr. 65-45-12 / IS 1865 Gr. FG
500/7: ASTM A 351 Gr. CF8 / CF8M)
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4S-V16 (16 bar) Butterfly Valves

Introducing the Fouress 4S-V16 High Pressure Compact Seal butterfly Valve. Combining versatility with high performance and ease of operation, the 4S-V16 brings in modern design advantages to general purpose valves.

The 4S-V16 is designed to take higher pressure, up to 16 bar. With a soft seated wafer construction and a unique sat sealing design, the 4S-V16 scores over conventional gate valves in every aspect. Its light weight and simplicity of construction ensures economy in operation and maintenance.

The 4S-V16 compact seal construction and flexibility of body, seat and disc materials render it suitable for a wide range of fluids and gases; water, air, town gas, oils (expect aromatic hydrocarbons), dilute acids for high pressure applications in air conditioning & refrigeration, ship building, fire fighting systems, water supply, sanitation lines, hotels, high rise buildings, water distribution tankers and other general fluid isolation and control applications.


APPLICABLE FLANGES Suitable for mounting to ANSI and BS standard
HYDROSTATIC TEST Rating (16 Bar) Body (24 bar) Seat (17.6 Bar)
STANDARD MATERIAL Body (Cast Iron to IS 210 Gr. FG 260)
Seal (NBR, EPDM)
Disc (SG Iron to BS 2789 Gr.500/7/ SG Iron
to IS 1865 Gr. 500/7/
Stainless Steel to ASTM A 351 Gr. CF 8/ CF 8M)
Shaft (ASTM A 479 Type 410)
Bush (Acetal Copolymer)
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4S-V5422 High Performance Butterfly Valves

Fouress have introduced the unrivalled “4S-V5422” high performance butterfly valve that replaces the general valves like Ball Valves and Gate Valves. The innovative design is compact, light in weight and economical. As illustrated, fluid pressure to the disk and seatring ensures a secure seal for flow directions from both A & B. the “L” shaped seatring absorbs the fluid pressure tightly against the disc, creating a complete seal.

The teflon seatring is designed to withstand extremely corrosive chemical solutions and high temperature fluids up to 2300 C (“Eg. dematerialized water, air-conditioning chilled/hot water, white liquor, formal dehyde solution, organic solvent, compressed air, oxygen, exhaust gas, coke oven gas etc.)

Double Eccentric Mechanism : Since the stem is eccentric from the seatring (as indicated by A & B), the disk is in contact with the seatring only, when the valve is completely closed. The benefit from the double eccentric disc design include :

  • Longer service life due to hard-to-wear seatring.
  • When in closed position, the force on the disc on the seatring ensures complete sealing.
  • Easy operation with low seating torque.
  • The offset stem design allows easy replacement of seatring without removing the stem.

Material of Construction

APPLICABLE FLANGES JIS 10K, 16K, 20K / ANSI 125lb, 150 lb / BS NP16,
NP25 / DIN ND 16, ND 25 / ISO PN10, PN 16
HYDROSTATIC TEST Body (30 Kg / Cm2) SEAT (22 Kg/Cm2)
BODY (A 216 Gr. WCB / A 351 Gr. CF8/CF8M)
DISC (A 351 Gr. CF8/CF8M)
431S29-above 10 Kg/Cm2)
BUSH (SS 304 + PTFE)
STEM (A 479 TYPE 316 - Upto 10 Kg/Cm2)
COVER (ASTM A351 Gr. CF8M/SS316)
GASKET (Graphite reinforced Teflon)
SET PIN 3” - 12” (SS 316)
SET SCREW 14” - 24” (SS 316)
DRAW-OUT SCREW 3” - 12” (SS 316)
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4S-V30 #300 High Performance Butterfly Valves

Fouress #300 rating high performance butterfly valves are reliable, well proven design provides bi-directional shut-off.

4S-V30 valves are provided with a groove/step on the seat to be held in position between seatring and the body:
Under throttled condition, when the valve disc is crack open, the high velocity cannot pull the seat. Hence seat will not get damaged due to high velocity during control duty.

Seal Back-up Ring: will prevent any undue outward movement of the Teflon seat.

The seat is designed to move slightly in the direction of flow: this allows the pressure access to the back of the seat, thus making the seat progressively tighter as the pressure increases. During reverse flow, any deflection of the disc would tend to reduce the tightness but the pressure behind the seat compensates to maintain the seat tightness.

Large area of seat contact: this ensures increased tightness and shut-off potential. br>
Seat ring designed to move in the direction of flow: this allows pressure access in the back of the seat, thus making the seal progressively tighter as the pressure increases. During reverse flow, any deflection of the disc would tend to reduce the tightness but the pressure behind the seat compensates to maintain the seatring

Large area of seal contact: This ensures increased tightness and high shut-off potential.

Special Features :
  • 4S-V30 valves could be used for both on/off and control duty.
  • Fully rated for 300#-can be used up to 50 bar pressure.
  • As per design standard MS-SP68.
  • Reliable design proved by cycle test.
Drilling Standard: ANSI B16.5 #300.

Material of Construction

BODY Stainless Steel ASTM A351 Gr.CF8 TAPER PIN Stainless Steel ASTM A564 Type 630
Condition - HT 150
DISC Stainless Steel ASTM A351 Gr.CF8
SHAFT Stainless Steel ASTM A564 Type 360
Condition - HT 150
Stainless Steel
20% Glass Filled PTFE
ASTM A479 type 316
SET RING Stainless Steel ASTM A240 type 316 UPPER/LOWER BUSH PTFE + St. St.
Type 316
As per standard
GLAND Stainless Steel ASTM A479 type 316
GLAND FLANGE Stainless Steel ASTM A240 type 316 GASKET PTFE As per standard
PACKING WASHER Stainless Steel ASTM A479 type 316 GLAND PACKING PTFE As per standard
BOTTOM COVER Stainless Steel ASTM A240 type 316 YOKE Carbon Steel IS:2062 Gr.B