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Bonded Abrasive Products


Bonded Abrasive Products

Bonded Abrasive Products

Processaids takes pleasure in introducing high performance bonded abrasive products from SAK Abrasives Ltd., Chennai. ‘TOPLINE brand of grinding wheels.

SAK is today, the third largest manufacturer of grinding wheels in India and their brand ‘TOPLINE’ is the fastest selling premium brand. Since inception in 1997, as part of the SAK group of companies, SAK (Formerly known as TYROLIT SAK LIMITED) has earned a reputation for quality and innovation in grinding wheel technology, always delivered at competitive prices.

Backed by a philosophy of rapid but sustainable change in response to the evolving needs of customers, SAK developed snagging wheels (2002), standard vitrified wheels (2003), engineered vitrified wheels (2004), crankshaft & roll grinding (2005), rice polishing wheels (2006) and honeycomb structure wheels (2008). This has been accompanied by continual investment in the upgradation and modernization of their plant at Gummidipoond on the outskirts of Chennai, India paving the road for the future.

A few of our clients include

  • Hero Honda – Dhruhera
  • Timken India Ltd – Jamshedpur
  • Hindustan Motors Ltd. – Hoogly
  • HMT Machine Tools – Ajmer
  • Premium Transmission Ltd. – Pune
  • Shakti Auto Component – Erode
  • Rane Engine Valves – Madchel
  • Bhushan Steels – Khopoli
  • Tayo Rolls Ltd. – Jamshedpur
  • Amul Industries Ltd. - Rajkot

And many more.

Please download TOPLINE’s product profile for further information.


Tool room grinding wheels

Tool Room Grinding Wheels

Remove that last micron of metal to obtain a finish as smooth as silk.
Tool room and surface grinding wheels are used to obtain a high quality surface finish within very narrow tolerance limits. Typical applications are tool and cutter grinding, drill sharpening etc.

Cylindrical grinding wheels

Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

Generate perfectly sized parts in a flash.

Cylindrical grinding wheels are used in O.D. plunge grinding and the O.D. grinding of gear shafts, splined shafts etc.

Roll grinding wheels

Roll Grinding Wheels

Roll on and on producing accurately dimensioned rolls with a superior surface finish.

Roll grinding wheels are used in rolling mills to grind hard work and backup roll mills.

Centreless grinding wheels

Centreless Grinding Wheels

Unmatched versatility. High performance grinding solutions for a range of components, materials and sizes.
Centreless grinding wheels are used in the grinding of bearings, bars, taps, drills and a range of auto parts.

Surface grinding specials – Disc grinding

Surface Grinding Specials – Disc Grinding

Specially designed nut inserted wheels offering better control and optimum performance on different materials.
Disc grinding is a special surface grinding application that is used to grind bearing faces, piston ring faces, spring ends, valve plates etc.

Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

Reinforced Cut-off Wheels

Slice through metals, refractory bricks, stone, reinforced concrete and masonry with TOPLINE reinforced cut-off wheels.

Reinforced cut-off wheels are used for notching, sheet metal cutting, pipe cutting, removal of risers, metal plate dimensioning, bar cutting, rail cutting etc.

Rice polishing wheels

Rice Polishing wheels

Minimize rice breakage and get the whitest rice.

Rice polishing wheels are commonly used in the food processing industry to polish and whiten rice.

Internal grinding

Internal Grinding

Accurately profile surfaces so that components fit perfectly.

Internal grinding wheels are used for bore grinding of inner rings, gears etc. and the track grinding of outer rings, steering nuts etc.

Offhand grinding wheels

Offhand Grinding Wheels

Reduce operator fatigue and increase wheel life in one shot.

Offhand grinding wheels are used in bench, pedestal and portable grinders to remove excess material, sharpen tools and in the smoothening of weld seams.

Crankshaft grinding wheels

Crankshaft Grinding Wheels

Crank up productivity without giving up a micron in surface finish.

Crankshaft grinding wheels are used in the automotive and industrial OEM and replacement markets in the grinding of crankshafts for a very fine surface finish.

Thread and gear grinding

Thread and Gear Grinding

Unmatched control on stock removal delivering high precision grinding solutions

Thread and gear grinding wheels are used to precisely grind threads and gears requiring a high degree of dimensional accuracy.



A shape and size for every surface grinding application.

Segments are used in rotary table surface grinding applications on differently shaped components.

Depressed Centre wheels

Depressed Centre wheels

Be it high stock removal, long life, price or all of them – a wheel for your every need in the TOPLINE range of DC wheels

DC wheels are used for de-burring, weld leveling, edge preparation, removal of rolling cracks, cutting runners and raisers, V – grooving and chamfering.

Snagging wheels

Snagging wheels

A delicate balance of wheel life and stock removal to eliminate that excess metal.

Snagging wheels are used in the smoothening of weld seams, cleaning of castings, surface preparation for painting or plating and billet conditioning.

Creepfeed grinding

Creepfeed Grinding

Specially formulated porous bond systems to rough and finish a variety of materials in a single pass.

Creep-feed grinding wheels are highly porous wheels that achieve high stock removal rates and are used to grind difficult to machine alloys.

Saw gumming wheels

Saw Gumming Wheels

As sharp as new – in a matter of seconds.

Saw gumming wheels are used to shape and re-sharpen various types of saws, primarily in the timber and woodworking industries.