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Anti-Skid Tapes, Tiles and Coatings

Master Minding innovation

Your one-stop source for anti-slip products.

Master Stop anti-slip tapes come in a broad array of colors and materials.

Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-slip tapes also draw visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

Mineral Abrasive Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip tapes designed to perform in harsh conditions.
Because climate conditions don’t affect Master Stop mineral abrasive tapes, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Made with a proprietary formula, these durable tapes are specifically developed for industrial and OEM applications and continue to perform for the long haul.

Hazard Anti-Slip Tape

Clearly mark any hazard area with bright, anti-slip tread and tape.
Increase worker safety and awareness by applying universally recognized hazard strip anti-slip tape. These easy-to-apply strips are manufactured with an abrasive surface that is highly durable and increases traction. And they meet OSHA safety requirements.

Glow-in-the-Dark Anti Slip Tape

Safely illuminate stair treads during power outages.
Power outages, by their very nature, are unplanned and disruptive. And because many times this means no electrical light source, travel up and down stairs can become very hazardous. Minimize this hazard by applying our Glow-in-the-Dark stair tread to areas of concern and take that extra step toward workplace safety. Like all Master Stop products, you can rest assured that this product is manufactured with the same long-wearing mineral abrasive compound that adds life and traction to each of our stair tread.

Mop-Top Anti-Slip Tape

Reduce your maintenance supply costs and make cleanup easier.
Sure-Foot's Mop-Top™ tape is designed to reduce friction between mops or sponges and cleaning surfaces. Unlike ordinary anti-slip tape surfaces that grip and rip sponges and mop heads, Mop-Top anti-slip tape minimizes fraying and disintegration. Both sponge and string style mops glide easily over Mop-Top for faster and more thorough clean-ups. No more residue left behind. No need to replace your mops or sponges as often. No special tools necessary for installation.

Medical Floor Safety Tape

Cleanable, anti-slip, reflective and glows-in-the-dark.

Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, schools and residences, this unique 3-in-1 tread provides the ultimate solution for areas where cleanliness is a concern. By combining the properties of our Mop-Top anti-slip surface with our Reflective Stripe and Glow Stripe products, Medical Ultimate Tread delivers increased safety in low light or no light situations. Our Mop-Top surface is designed to provide an anti-slip surface that is also easy to clean, without damaging your sponges and mops. In addition, our superior abrasive tread and inherent product features enhance the safety of your stairs and walkways at any time of the day or night.

Specialty Tape Treads

Unique product offerings that add safety and visibility

Master Stop offers a broad array of products designed to illuminate your walkways and increase both customer and employee safety. Each one of these products meets OSHA standards and provides extreme durability.

Whether it's our Reflective or Glow Stripe products that help increase safety in poorly lit locations, or our slogan treads that convey a specific message - each one provided in pre-die-cut shapes and sizes for your convenience - you won't find a better anti-slip solution.

Custom Capabilities

We can turn your ideas into reality.
Although no one in the industry has a broader offering of standard tapes, stair treads and safety tiles than we do, we don't stop there. We specialize in making custom products unique to your application. Whether you need a custom color, a company logo, a special die-cut shape, or any number of other custom options.

Aluminium Stair Treads
For new construction or existing renovation, there is only one sure step.

Boldstep is a safety stair tread system designed for installation in high-traffic areas, both inside and outside. This durable anti-slip stair tread is built into an aluminum platform with an epoxy-based filler and is perfect for new construction. And because it can be easily attached to existing stairs, it is ideal for renovation projects as well. Adding beauty and safety to any project.
Rise above slippery surfaces with our Master Stop safety tiles.

Master Stop safety tiles offer both slip prevention and an anti-fatigue surface. They are designed to be conformable to almost any required layout and are available in several colors, with or without grit applications. Installation is easy because of the tabs and slots that are built into each one. And they are resistant to brake fluid, transmission fluid, petroleum oil and most industrial chemicals.